Bladder Infection

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A bladder infection can be very painful and it should never be ignored. Frequent Bladder Infections can be evidence of a larger problem. Womens Health of the Emerald Coast is here for treatment and diagnosing your problem.

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A bladder infection is commonly caused by a bacteria that causes inflammation and irritation of the bladder.

It is believed to be due to the short length of the urethra. Due to its relatively short length bacteria enters and then causes and infection.

Blood in the urine, cloudy urine, frequency of urination, urine that has an odor, pain upon urination, a burning sensation when urinating, constantly having the feeling to urinate, and painful cramps in the abdomen or low back are all symptoms of a bladder infection.

Women are the highest risk group. Senior women are at an even greater risk. Also, women who have a type of urinary blockage or other urinary tract problem are more likely to develop bladder infections.

Seeing an experienced Urogynecologist, a doctor who has expertise in both gynecology and the female urinary tract, is very important for people who suffer from bladder infections. Finding the “root cause” of the condition is imperative to a successful treatment. Antibiotics are typically the best way to kill the bacteria that has invaded the bladder. Patients who have pain or burning may also need other medications that address those symptoms. It is of paramount importance to perform objective testing such as urine cultures before rushing to the treatment phase of management.